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Monday, March 23, 2015

This Could be why no one takes Bigfooters Seriously

Maybe it's because we call ourselves Bigfooters. If it's not, this could be it. I honestly like the name Bigfooters.

The other day there was a post on Bigfoot Evidence about a sighting TimberGiantBigfoot claimed to have had just a bit earlier. He saw "something" that was white, about 7 feet tall, and not moving. There was a picture of this "something" on the site, and I knew right away that it was not a Bigfoot. Plastic bag, maybe. Well, there was another new post today about the same thing. It turns out that the "something" was actually a big snowman.

The first picture TGB took a few days ago

"The Bigfoot"

This will probably not help the reputation of Cryptozoologists. I just hope this wasn't supposed to be some kind of hoax.

Another question - If the thing TGB saw was just standing there, why didn't he try to get closer to it? Seems suspicious to me. It's pretty obvious by looking at the first picture that whatever was there was not a living animal like a Bigfoot. Also, if you look at the name of the file of the first picture, it is called "bagsquatch."

I don't know, this just screams hoax to me.