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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Something in the Woods is Coming

Something in the Woods is a Bigfoot movie that is going to premier at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May. The movie is made by David Ford and Tony Odell Gibson, and they say that they made it so all Bigfooters would like it. They didn't go all out and do something crazy; the movie is based on true events and the Bigfoots in the movie do what Bigfoot do - tree knocks, calls, limb formations, all the good stuff.

It seems that lots of people are getting pretty hyped for this movie and hope its good, and I have to admit that I am one of those people. No, its not going to be something like Jurassic Park, but I do think it looks pretty good, for a Bigfoot movie. I am a fan of kinda bad but good horror movies, the Tremors series being some of my favorites(there's a 5th one of them coming out this year, too!) But, if I know one thing about scary movies about cryptids, its that 99% of the time they're horrible! Anyone who's ever watched anything on the SyFy channel will know what I mean.

Something in the Woods, though, actually looks good. And I really hope it is. But, it is premiering at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, so it should be.

You can watch the trailer for Something in the Woods below.