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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mystery Shows on Destination America Today

There's a new Mountain Monsters tonight, and Destination America is having a marathon of shows on all things mysterious leading up to it.

Dive to the Bermuda Triangle is on right now, until 11 AM.

Inside Area 51 is on from 11 Am to 12 PM.

Return to Area 51 is on from 12 Pm to 1 Pm.

UFO Conspiracies: "UFO Swarm" is on from 1 PM to 2 PM.

UFO Conspiracies: "Caught on Camera" is on from 2 PM to 3 PM.

UFO Conspiracies: "Arctic Invasion" is on from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Mountain Monsters: Wolfman of Wolfe County" is on from 4 PM to 5 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Wampus Beast of Pleasants County" is on from 5 PM to 6 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Mothman of Mason County" is on from 6 PM to 7 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Grassman of Perry County" is on from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Central Kentucky" is on from 8 PM to 9 PM.

Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Putnam County" is on from 9 PM to 10 PM.

NEW Mountain Monsters: "Bigfoot of Eastern Kentucky" is on from 10 PM to 11 Pm.

Some Mountain Monsters episodes repeat until 5 AM tomorrow.