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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Creature Weekend 2015 Update - Important!

Creature Weekend is happening the first weekend of May 2015. Speakers have already been announced, and they had an important update on their Facebook page today, and it kinda stink:

2015 CONFERENCE UPDATE (3/3/2015)
Due to a scheduling conflict, Ken Gerhard will not be able to attend Creature Weekend this year. His presentation on Saturday will be replaced by a presentation by Bill Brock on the Turner Bigfoot Video Footage.

Ken Gerhard will is no longer on the speaker list at Creature Weekend. Well, this does stink. I don't know about anyone else, but I was really looking forward to meeting Ken at CW.

Ken Gerhard

So, if you were planning on going to Creature Weekend to meet Ken Gerhard, it looks like you can't. I'm not gonna let my spirits get down, though, because this is still gonna be an awesome event. Nick Redfern, Chad Arment, Trapper and the Mountain Monsters crew, and now Bill Brock will still be there. That's still a lot of crypto people I'd like to meet!