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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cliff Barackman talks about John Bindernagel's Sasquactch Track Casts

There's a new post on Cryptomundo today about Sasquatch footprints discovered in 1988 by John Bindernagel, Sasquatch researcher and author. Cliff Barackman was talking about the tracks and says that some of John's tracks come from the same individual - but they were found 40 miles apart! Tracks like these that come from different individuals show that there is a population of Bigfoot creatures living in North America, ad these creatures can travel long distances.

You can see Cliff's full post on his website. 

John Bindernagel(left) and Cliff Barackman

Am I the only one who thinks Barackman looks like Jeff Meldrum in the picture above?

Jeff Meldrum