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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mountain Monsters Season 3 Premiere in March!

Destination America's #1 series ever, Mountain Monsters , is returning for Season 3 on Saturday, March 7th. This season will be in two parts,the first being a number of special Bigfoot episodes where the AIMS team is on the hunt for the many different ape-men they've found in the Appalacain Mountains, and there's more than just the Yahoo and Grassman! The first half of the season(eight episodes) will be called Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot Edition. One critter the AIMS team is after is a Bigfoot called the "Midnight Whistler", and there's apparently more than one.

The next eight episodes of the season will air sometime later in 2015.

Who else is excited for this? I know I am, 'cause Mountain Monsters is one of my favorite shows! I'm even gonna meet these guys in May, at Creature Weekend at Salt Fork State Park.
The AIMS Team's arch enemy,
The Grassman