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Lots of Crypto Books in 2015

There were a lot of cryptozoology books that came out in 2014, and it looks like 2015 will have just as many good ones.

Loren Coleman has already posted on his blog twice about the books coming out this year, and I'm spreading the news here, 'cause I like books. A lot. Here's some books that have come out or are coming out this year:

In Search of Lake Monsters
Revised and Updated version
by Peter Costello
with new introduction by Loren Coleman and new preface by Bernard Heuvelmans

Discovering Cadborosaurus
by Paul LeBlond, John Kirk III, and Jason Walton

The Asian Wild Man
by JeanPaul Debenat

Lots of books in the 'Loren Coleman Presents' series, including Sea Monsters Unmasked, Sea Fables Explained, The Werewolf, Curious Creatures in Zoology, and others.

Beyond Bigfoot: The Transformation of Cryptozoology
by Loren Coleman

The Passenger Pigeon
by Errol Fuller

The Spotted Lion
republished by Coachwhip Publications
by Kenneth Gander Dowd

Cryptozoology Anthology
by Robert Deis, David Coleman, and Wyatt Doyle 

The Nature of the Beast
previously titled The Yeti Enigma
by Brian Sykes

Nick Redfern also has a few crypto books in the works, including the following:

Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast
by Nick Redfern

The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates
by Nick Redfern

UPDATE: 2/22/15
History of the Dogman
by Joedy Cook

The Mind of the Sasquatch and the Secret to their Success
by Christopher Noel

UPDATE: 3/9/15
Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine
by Daniel S. Green

UPDATE: 3/19/15
Monster Hunters:
 On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigaors
by Tea Krulos

UPDATE: 4/19/15
Strange Creatures Seldom Seen: Giant Beavers, Sasquatch, Manipogos, and Other Mystery Animals in Manitoba and Beyond
By John Warms

The Journal of Cryptozoology: Volume Three
Edited by Karl Shuker

UPDATE: 4/25/15
The Oregon Bigfoot Highway:
 Over a Century of Bigfoot tales along Oregon's National Scenic Byway No. 5
By Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson

Here's Nessie! A Monstrous Compendium From Loch Ness
By Karl Shuker
(out sometime later this year)

Facing the Big Hairy Monkey-Thing:
Looking for Sasquatch in the Real World
by Jim Sherman

UPDATE: 4/29/15
The Sasquatch Seeker's Field Manual:
Using Citizen Science to Uncover North America's Most Elusive Creature
By David George Gordon

UPDATE: 5/9/15
Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More From Across America
By Tyler Houck

UPDATE: 5/25/15
Hiking Sasquatch Country: Exploring Bigfoot's Backyard
By Wendy Swanson and Gary Swanson

UPDATE: 6/1/15
Bigfoot Witness
By Thomas Marcum

UPDATE: 6/11/15
Bigfoot Basic Handbook: Guide to Bigfoot Research
By Steve A. Abney and Violet G. Abney

UPDATE: 6/18/15
Edges of Science 
By Thom Powell

UPDATE: 6/29/15
Cryptozoology: Cryptid Sightings, Stories, Evidence, Hoaxes, and More.
An Armchair Hunter's Basic Guide
By Rex Cutty

Creepy Cases: Humanoid & Cryptid Encounters - Volume One
By Eldrithch James

UPDATE: 6/30/15
Unexplained World of the Chestnut Ridge: 
A Hike Through the Goblin Universe of the Laurel Highlands
By Ronald L. Murphy, Jr.

Strange West Virginia Monsters
By Michael Newton

UPDATE: 7/4/15
Dogman: Werewolf Encounters in Northeastern America
By Joedy Cook

UPDATE: 7/6/15
The Amazing History of Monsters:
Discover Creatures Beyond Your Wildest Imagination, In Over 300 Exciting Pictures
By Fiona MacDonald (With consultant Dr. Karl Shuker)
(Available October 7)

UPDATE: 7/7/15
By George Dudding

UPDATE: 7/14/15
Fun with Cryptid Creatures
By Scott C. Marlowe

UPDATE: 7/16/15
Kohuneje: Sketches of an Encounter with Dogman
By Anthony J. Chaney

UPDATE: 7/17/15
A Manifestation of Monsters
By Karl P.N. Shuker

Seeking Bigfoot
By Michael Newton

UPDATE: 7/21/15
Enduring Mysteries: Loch Ness Monster
By Ken Karst

UPDATE: 7/25/15
Hidden Encounters: 
More Bigfoot Stories from Southeastern Ohio and Beyond
By Doug Waller

Chronicles of the Unexplained:
True Stories of Haunted Houses, Bigfoot, and Other Paranormal Encounters
By Gary Gillespie

UPDATE: 7/28/15
Loch Ness Monster:
The Legendary Stories of the Loch Ness Monster From an Unbiased View
By Elgin Cook

UPDATE: 7/30/15
The Hunt for Bigfoot
By Peter Byrne

UPDATE: 8/4/15
Loch Ness: From Out of the Depths: 
Original Newspaper Accounts of the Rise of the Loch Ness Monster
Edited/Compiled By Patrick J. Gallagher

The Monsters of Loch Ness
By Malcolm Robinson
(Out sometime soon)

UPDATE: 8/17/15
Bigfoot Field Guide: Audio Analysis in Bigfoot Research (Volume 1)
By Izzy Gutierrez

Bigfoot Field Guide: Audio Analysis in Bigfoot Research (Volume 2)
By Izzy Gutierrez

Bigfoot 2: The West Virginia Stomping Grounds
By George Dudding

Bigfoot 3: The West Virginia Toehold
By George Dudding

Is the Loch Ness Monster Real?
By Allison Lassieur
(Out Sept. 1)

Finding Bigfoot Indoors
By Rob Knopka

UPDATE: 8/20/15
Men in Black:
 Personal Stories and Eerie Adventures
By Nick Redfern

UPDATE: 8/27/15
A Monstrous Commotion: 
The Mysteries of Loch Ness
By Gareth Willaims

UPDATE: 9/4/15
Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania's Unknown Creatures,
Casebook 3
By Stan Gordon

UPDATE: 9/17/15
Bigfoot Behavior (REVISED) Volume 1
By Ray Crowe

Bigfoot Behavior Volume 2
By Ray Crowe

Bigfoot Behavior Volume 3
By Ray Crowe

UPDATE: 10/18/15
Bigfoot Still Lives in Idaho
By Becky Cook

Man & Dinosaurs: Coexistence The Evidence
By Stephen Johnson

UPDATE: 11/16/15
In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman
 (3rd Edition)
By Dmitri Bayanov

UPDATE: 12/14/15
Bigfoot in Evolutionary Perspective:
The Hidden Life of a North American Hominin
By T. A. Wilson

UPDATE: 12/19/15
The Legend of Bigfoot:
History, Mythos and Reality
By Geraldo B. Torres

I know Loren might have a few more books out this year, including Loren Coleman's Cryptozoology and The International Cryptozoology Museum Journal. Doug Waller of SOSBI should also have his second book out this year. (Check July 25 update.) Ken Gerhard will have his 4th book out later in 2015. Once I get some of these books I'll review them on here. It looks like we're going to have a lot of good ones this year! At the end of the year or early in 2016 I'll be posting what I think are the best cryptozoology books of 2015 from the ones I'm able to get.

DECEMBER 26 UPDATE: You can check out my list of what I thought were the best cryptozoology books of 2015 (from the ones I got) here.
Loren Coleman also posted his list of the Best Cryptozoology Books of 2015 on CryptoZooNews.

Like my list of the Crypto books of 2014, this post will be updated over time.

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