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Monday, February 2, 2015

Help the International Cryptozoology Museum During Another Harsh Winter

There's been lots of snow up in New England this winter, and that is making things hard, once again, for the International Cryptozoology Museum. Loren Coleman posted on his blog CryptoZooNews today asking for help. I don't have any money to donate, so I've decided to help by spreading the word on this blog.

Please help the International Cryptozoology Museum, because its the ONLY cryptozoology museum, in the world. If you don't want to just donate money, but a T-Shirt, footprint replica, book, monster map, or something of the sort here.
You can get replicas of Bigfoot, Orang Pendek,
and Yeti footprints

New Monsters in America Map

Signed copies of FATE magazine
with articles by Loren Coelman

Mysterious America,

The Field Guide to Lake Monsters and Sea Serpents,

The Field Guide to Bigfoot, 
and many other great books!

ICM T-Shirts

Thanks for helping out the International Cryptozoology Museum & Loren Coleman, and the cryptozoology world in general!

Loren Coleman and a friend