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Friday, February 20, 2015

Are Cryptids Something More than 'Normal' Animals?

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Some people think that cryptids aren't just any "normal" animals you'd find in the woods. Some think that things like Mothman and Owlman are something supernatural, the same goes for Bigfoot- some think it is magical or possibly an alien. I haven't even said anything about the Loch Ness Monster yet.

Yes, we're getting into weird stuff now.

Nick Redfern had a new post on Mysterious Universe and his blog today about all of this called "The Absurdities of Cryptozoology." He discussed some strange things/theories that go with certain cryptids, including the ones mentioned earlier in this post. He discussed how some of the things attributed to these creatures doesn't fall into the "normal" range, but more into the spiritual or supernatural! One thing that really surprised me was what all has happened around Loch Ness in Scotland - there's more than just one Nessie there.

Here's how the post starts on Mysterious Universe:

"Now, before anyone starts complaining or ranting, the title of this article- "The Absurdities of Cryptozoology" - is most definitely not an attack on cryptozoology. The subject is, without doubt, one that I am particularly fascinated by - and which I have been facinated by since my first trip to Loch Ness, Scotland, at the age of six. So, quit yapping before you even start.
As for those absurdities, they revolve around aspects of the phenomenon that are not addressed anywhere near enough, and which lead me to believe that so many of the so-called cryptids that populate out planet are actually things that should be investigated by people with a deep knowledge of the world of the paranormal, the supernatural, and the occult, and not just zoology or cryptozoology. I'll begin with the beasts of the aforementioned Loch Ness."

To read the rest click here.