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Saturday, December 20, 2014

What the heck is this thing?

Once again, here's something that's not really on a cryptid, but this was just too strange for me to pass up!

A few days ago, On December 12, a man in the Mt. Carmel, Ohio, area reported seeing a very strange thing. The man is a 60 year old former marine who saw a seven-foot creature with muscular legs that walked with its knees bent backwards. The thing was grey, had no arms, and ran with its body bent forward.

The man's drawing of the thing he saw
The man's wife said they had just bought a property in the area and they always have one patch of their yard that is always green, "no matter what weather." She continued: "He is a skeptic….. he wouldn't have admitted to seeing it if he hadn't been in shock."

She said her husband thinks it was an alien. Maybe it lands its UFO in their yard and that's why its always green!

For more on the sighting of the creature, see here.

What do you think this thing is???

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