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Friday, December 12, 2014

Top Cryptozoology Deaths of 2014

This list is by Loren Coleman and is from his blog CryptoZooNews. I did not make this list.
These are the top Deaths in Cryptozoology in 2014.

"Top Cryptozoology Deaths of 2014
by Loren Coleman, Cryptozoology A to Z.
The passing of Peter Matthiessen during 2014 was the cryptozoology-related death that obtained the most mainstream media attention. But others died who had significant impacts on the field. They should be remembered too at the year’s end. Let’s recall a few of those folks.
Here is my list of the recently departed who have been touched by cryptozoology, Bigfoot, especially, and cryptids, in general. And then by extension, they touched us.
All deaths are deeply experienced. I pause to recall those who have passed away in 2014, with respect for them, their families, and for all they shared and created. These individuals are noted here in my annual goodbye and celebration of their lives.
Twenty-fourteen was a year many of us lost several loved ones. I honor them all, whether mentioned here or not.
They are listed chronologically, by date of death.
Dan Gordon ~ January 20, 2014
Former New York police officer Dan Gordon, 54, passed away on Monday, January 20, 2014.  Gordon was a Whitehall, N.Y. police officer who, along with another officer, reported having a sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature while on duty in February 1982. Gordon kept his identity secret until 2003, when he appeared on an episode of Mysterious Encounters’  ”The Creature of  Whitehall.” In a segment as an unnamed witness, Dan appeared briefly on camera.
His sighting was re-enacted for the History Channel’s Giganto documentary in 2005.  Gordon took and passed a polygraph for a 2008 episode of MonsterQuest, “Bigfoot In New York.”  (For more, please seehere.)
Mark Vergeront ~ March 18, 2014
Bigfoot enthusiast named Mark “Verg” Vergeront, in his 50s, died from heart failure on March 18, 2014. Verg, as he was known to many of his friends, students, and others, online, lived for his entire life in Riverside, California. (For more, please see here.)"

For the rest of the list, see here. 
It's sad to see so many faces in the Cryptozoology world disappear this year….

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