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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Hexham Heads, The Sheep-Man, and The Werewolf

This is probably one of the few times you will see a post about something of paranormal nature on this blog, but I thought this story was really interesting.

The Hexham Heads were a pair of 6cm tall stone heads discovered by two boys in Hexham, England, in 1971.

After the boy's discovered the heads, their family(the Robsons) started reporting strange things happening in and near their home. Sometimes, they said, the heads would mysteriously move when no one was in the room with them. The same thing happened with bottles. The family living next to the Robson, the Dodds, also reported strange happenings. One night, one boy's hair was pulled by something, and, shortly afterward, his mother saw a "half-man half-sheep" leave the house!

After all these things happened, the heads were given to Anne Ross, who was an expert in Celtic artifacts. After she got the heads, Ross said, she also woke up one morning and saw a "part-man part-animal" figure walking through her house. She followed the figure downstairs and saw it go towards the kitchen, but she then lost track of it.

A few days after Ross saw the animal-man, her daughter told her she had seen a "werewolf" when coming home from school. The "werewolf" was on the stairs and jumped over the banister, and then vanished! Ross also reported seeing a dark figure and having other strange things happen in her house. Knowing that the Robsons had the same things happen to them when they had the Hexham Heads, she got rid of them.

Later, a man said he had created the heads and scientists said they were not carved and were fake, but what about all the strange things that happened to the people who had them in their possession? Along with the other things, the Dodds reported glass raining down on one of their beds!

Eventually the heads were lost.

Do you think the Hexahm Heads were cursed, or had some connection to paranormal activity?

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