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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Do You Think Megalodons are Still Alive?

On October 23, an article appeared on the Daily Mail Online  about the giant shark Megalodon. Those of you who have looked at this blog before probably have seen some of my earlier posts about this shark, and if you haven't you can see them by clicking here.
Megalodon size, compared to a 40 foot T-Rex!

The article was about a research group in Florida who say Megalodon became extinct 2.6 million years ago. The group says they want to clarify confusion that Megalodon is really dead, because apparently the Dicovery channel special Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, actually fooled a lot of people in to thinking it was real. The Russian Yeti special that was on in June did the same thing, and I know that Aniaml Planet's Mermaids special have done the same thing. I really can't believe anyone thinks those are real; the "videos" of the creatures are CGI, the "Scientists" are actors. But I still have people at school who insist they are real.

… Is FAKE 

…. Is Also FAKE

…. Is Still FAKE!

I think the Florida scientists are really just trying to get people to not be scared that Megalodon could still be in the ocean. I for one think that Megalodon is still alive, and there are other giant creatures hiding in the ocean, too, like the Bloop, even though the scientists said it was an iceberg! Again, they probably did it so people wouldn't panic.

To see the article on Megalodon, click here.

My question for the reader: Do You think that Megalodons still live in the Earth's oceans?

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