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Friday, December 19, 2014

Black Shuck & Other Ghostly Devil Dogs

Since at least the 1500s, a "Ghostly Black Dog" called Black Shuck(also called Old Shuck, Shuck, or Old Shock) has been seen in the countryside of East Anglia and surrounding areas.
Illustration of a black ghost dog from
The Hound of the Baskervilles

Black Shuck is said to be a large black dog(sometimes said to be as large as a horse!) that has flaming red or green eyes(sometimes only one eye.). Sometimes it is said to be headless, and sometimes it is surrounded by mist or is floating.
Some say Black Shuck only has one eye

In 1577, black Shuck was said to have appeared at a church in Blythburg, England. Some connect him to a demon.

Other dogs like Black Shuck are seen all over the world, but some are said to be good, but most, like Black Shuck, are said to be demon or devil dogs.

Earlier this year, a giant skeleton of a dog was found in East Anglia. Some think it is the skeleton of Black Shuck.

For more on the skeleton find, see here.

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