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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The International Cryptozoology Museum Journal

The International Cryptozoology Museum of Portland, Maine is now going to have a new journal coming out next year. The museum's director is Loren Coleman, author of many cryptozoology books, including Cryptozoology A to Z(with Jerome Clark), Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, Mysterious America, Curious Encounters, Monsters of Massachusetts, Tom Slick and The Search for the Yeti, and many others.

The journal will only be one of the many that have been published on cryptozoology. None have lasted forever, though. The journal Cryptozoology was published from 1982 to 1996.

Karl Shuker's The Journal of Cryptozoology came out in 2012 and will have ten issues come out no matter sales. Two of those are currently out, and the third will likely come out later this year.

Here's part of the post from Loren Coleman's blog CryptoZooNews:

"The International Cryptozoology Museum is delighted to disseminate the news of a new journal about cryptozoology, built on the history of academic, objective, methodical, and critical thinking periodicals, dating back to the 1980s.
The publications of modern cryptozoological organizations and groups have been journeys in serious scientific considerations of the data and the field, mixed with frustration and funding gaps. We plan to produce an annual volume that accents the positives and avoids the negatives of the past."

For the rest, click here. 

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