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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Devil lives in New Jersey

"Several other people also found tracks on Sunday, and one woman declared 'It's a two-legged cow with wings!'"

The Jersey Devil is the name of a strange cryptid creature seen in New Jersey and surrounding states. the creature is described as having a serpent body, hooved feet, a serpent tail, a horse head, two short front legs, which it does not walk with, and wings.

"There are many variations to the story of the creature's birth,  but the most common one to hear revolves around a 'Mother Leeds. ' in 1735. Mrs. Leeds was unhappy about having a thirteenth child, and cursed it, saying 'Let this one be a devil!' When the baby was born, it sprouted wings and flew up the chimney, to live the rest of its days in the pine barons. Some accounts say the Jersey Devil killed Mrs. Leed's nurse, some say it killed her, but others say his first meal was a few children in the woods."

This post is excerpted from my book Cryptid U.S.: Tales of Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and More from Across America, which will be published very soon!!!

Keep watching for more posts about the book.

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