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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Butler Gargoyle

A strange, moth man-like creature seen in Pennsylvania is called the Butler Gargoyle.

"In late June, 1993, a man named John, his girlfriend, his son, and his son’s fiance were driving near Allentown, Pennsylvania. They went up to an area called Baker’s Point to look back at the town. As they slowed down and turned around, they spotted a creature that was totally out of the ordinary.
They described the being as about six feet tall, with arms and legs, and wings. The body was covered with fur. The creature had a protruding jaw. The legs were very muscular. They creature walked right past the car and did not seem afraid at all. When it got to some trees on the other side of the road it took off and flew away. "

This post is excerpted from a book which I am currently working on.

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