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Thursday, October 16, 2014

That's one big crab

Recently this picture of a giant crab appeared on the internet.

I'm not saying I think the picture is real, it's probably a hoax.

But, if it is real, that sure is one big crab!

Here's the picture:

Picture of the giant crab... is it real?

Supposedly, the man who took the picture thought that the thing was a sand formation shaped like a crab. He also claims to have sighted the giant a year ago when he took his son crabbing. He thought it was a large piece of driftwood, but realized that it was alive. And it was huge.

The picture seems to show a crab like the ones people eat, which can grow to 10 inches. This crab, however, is about 50 feet!

The largest known species of crab is the japanese spider crab that can grow to be twelve feet long.
I've seen these crabs before and they do get quite large.
Japanese Spider Crab that can grow to 12 feet in length!
A marine Biologist has said that the giant crab featured in this post is a hoax because no crab can grow that large. But, who knows? We know more about the moon than we know about what lives in the deep ocean, so maybe there are a couple of giant marine animals waiting to be discovered.

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