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Monday, October 6, 2014

ShukerNature: Thunderbirds and Piasas

Karl Shuker has a new post on his ShukerNature blog about two winged american monstrosities: the legendary Thunderbird and the giant Piasa. Some cryptozoologists think that both of these creatures are the same thing, but many also think that the Piasa is just an indian legend. Thunderbirds, on the other hand, are still seen today.
Are Thunderbirds more than an indian legend?

The article mainly discusses a possible Thunderbird feather. It starts like this:

"Cryptozoologists are familiar with the longstanding mystery of the missing thunderbird photograph, but what about an alleged thunderbird feather?

Interviewed recently by Tucson-based freelance writer Craig S. Baker for an online article on unsolved mysteries of the Wild West (click here), veteran Wild West author/investigator W.C. Jameson made a claim of considerable potential significance to cryptozoology regarding the legendary thunderbirds.

Jameson stated that a Cherokee treasure hunter he once knew told him that while looking for a long-lost cache of Spanish silver in a Utah cave, he had dug up several huge feathers, each one over 18 in long and with a quill of comparable diameter to one of his fingers. Above the cave’s mouth, moreover, was an ancient pictograph of an enormous horned bird. Could this have been a piasa?"

To see the post on ShukerNature, please click here.

Karl Shuker's book Dragons in Zoology,
Cryptozoology, and Culture

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