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Friday, October 31, 2014

Oregon left out on "Best States for Bigfooting" List

USA Today apparently interviewed the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) of the show Killing Bigfoot(which I have not watched yet) and asked them what they thought the "top states for Bigfooting" were. They said Northeast Louisiana, east Texas, which I agree with, Southeast Oklahoma, which I also agree with, Mississippi, Arkansas(I agree with), Georgia, Washington State(yes), and Northern California(yes.) One state that has had many many bigfoot reports is left out, however, and that is Oregon! It doesn't really make much sense to me why they left Oregon off, it probably has more Bigfoots than some of the states they listed. In my opinion Ohio should be on there, too, and not just because I live here. Ohio has a lot of Bigfoots, especially in Salt Fork State Park, which is known all over the world by Bigfoot researchers.

To see more about the GCBROs list, click here or here.

I do have one thing to say to the GCBRO: DON'T KILL BIGFOOT!

Yes, I'm on the NO KILL side of Bigfooters.

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