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Monday, August 11, 2014

Cryptid Seekers Magazine

Today I got the first two issues of Cryptid Seekers Magazine, a new magazine published by Joedy Cook, a cryptid researcher from Cincinnati. The first issue is mainly about werewolves/dogmen, but also has things about mermaids, Mountain Monsters, Bigfoot, and UFOs.

Articles in Cryptid Seekers: Volume 1, Issue 1 include:

  • Werewolves and Dogmen: Why they can Exist 
  • Werewolf Sightings.. Are they Real!
  • Mermaids.. Are they really out there
  • Bigfoot and UFOs.. is there a connection?
  • Is Mountain Monsters real?

Articles in Cryptid Seekers, Volume 1, Issue 2 include:

  • Mothman.. Is he Real?
  • Legend of the Mothman
  • Men in Black and the Mothman
  • The Mothman Museum
  • Ken Gerhard's Encounters with Flying Humanoids
  • and more!

As you have probably figured out by now, Issue 2 is an all Mothman issue.

Joedy Cook Bio:

Joedy Cook is one of the most active Bigfoot researchers in the state of Ohio. Originally, he was a member of the Cincinnati UFO research group A.S.K. but realized that his interests were more in the field of cryptozoology.
Joedy has been studying the Bigfoot phenomenon since 1991 and is the author of several books: Bigfoot in Ohio, Legend of the Grassman, Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest for the Grassman, Traces of the Grassman: The Hunt for the Ohio Bigfoot, The Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research, Cryptid Ohio, Winged Entity Casebook, Humanoid Encounters Books 1 & 2, Werewolves: Myths and Legends, Ohio Dogman: Werewolf Encounters in the Northeast, Zombies: What you Need to know or You'll Die, and Zombie Survival Guide. 
He founded the Cryptid Seekers as well as the Ohio Center for Bigfoot Studies . He is the editor of Cryptid Seekers Magazine. Joedy is a member of the American Bigfoot Society.
 Joedy has appeared on several television programs which discuss large primates in North America, including History Channel's MonsterQuest , SyFy channel's Sightings and Encounters, the Learning Channel's Top Ten Mysteries in the World, and Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America. 
Today, Joedy lives in Cincinnati and can be seen giving presentations at paranormal and cryptid conventions across the state and Canada.

For more about Cryptid Seekers Magazine, you can check out their facebook page or buy them at MagCloud.

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