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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CHUPACABRAS: Alien Pets, Mutant Monsters, and Government Cover Ups

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Mostly anyone with any interest in cryptozoology has heard of the creature called the “Chupacabras.” The chupacabras(spelled the same singular and plural) was first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995. Many farmers would go outside in the morning to find their animals dead and drained of blood. Animals killed included goats(hence the name of the killer, which translates to “goat sucker”), chickens, cats, ducks, sheep, dogs, and cows.

Later, people came forward to say that they had seen the chupacabras. Most witnesses described it as being about four feet tall, hairy, with a round head, a lipless mouth, fangs, and red eyes. It had short arms with three fingers with claws on the end and hind legs like those of a kangaroo. It had a line of spikes running all the way down its back.

Sightings of Chupacabras continued in Puerto Rico throughout 1995 and into 1996. Some reports also started coming from other places, including Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States.

The US sightings started in Florida on March 10, 1996. Teide Carballo reported seeing an “inhuman shape” walking across her property. Two weeks later, Olimpia Govea found 27 chickens and 2 goats dead and drained of blood. Barbara Martinez then lost 40 of her chickens and 2 ganders to the mysterious attacker."

This post is excerpted from my article about chupacabras in Issue 3 of Cryptid Seekers Magazine. For the whole thing you'll have to check out the magazine on MagCloud or the Cryptid Seekers facebook page.

I  also wrote about chupacabras in My book Cryptid U.S., which I will hopefully get finished & published soon.

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