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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hunt for Wolfmen and Werewolves

Werewolves aren't real.... or, are they? People all around the United States see bipedal, 7-foot tall, wolf-headed creatures all the time. Said to be "werewolves" by some, they are very muscular, have a body that is errily humanlike, have a wolf or dog-like head, and have dog legs.

The most famous of all dogmen is the Beast of Bray Road, seen near Bray Road in Wisconsin. Sightings of the creature really took of in the '80s and '90s, and prompted Linda Godfrey to right about it in the local paper. Since then, she has become the foremost authority on modern day werewolf sightings. She has written many books, including The Beast of Bray Road(2003),
 Hunting the American Werewolf(2006),  The Michigan Dogman(2010), and Real Wolfmen(2012).

                                                      Linda Godfrey's Books

These creature have been featured on several TV shows, including History channel's MonsterQuest(the episodes "American Werewolf and America's Wolfman), The Real Wolfman, and an episode of Destination America's Mountain Monsters.

                                    A wolfman on MonsterQuest

The werewolve's like to chase cars, too. But, they usually veer off and go back into the woods after a few terrifying moments. They also try to trick people, by, oh, stealing a chicken jsut to lure you into it's trap. That'll make you want to go out at night, won't it?

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