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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Bigfoot Book

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth is an all new book written by investigators Tom Burnette and Rob Riggs. It is the newest Bigfoot book(published March 8, 2014).

Here is the description:

"Join investigators Tom Burnette and Rob Riggs on their amazing adventure into the wild where the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot dwells. Over the past 20 years, these two men have dedicated themselves to the search for Bigfoot in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and the swamplands of Southeast Texas.

Drawing on forty-plus years of combined field study, Tom and Rob present their personal stories, ethnographic research, and educated theories surrounding Bigfoot. Revealing a substantial collection of evidence supporting Bigfoot's existence, this book provides details of the creature's history, habitats, and behaviors. With thought-provoking discussions on Bigfoot's elusiveness and potential psychic powers, Bigfoot goes far beyond the myth to the reality of this enigmatic ape-man."

About the authors:

Tom Burnette has written multiple articles on his Bigfoot encounters and has been a regular guest on such radio shows as Let's Talk Paranormal, Tom Biscardi's Bigfoot Lives, and Billy Willard's Sasquatch Watch online radio. He lives in North Carolina.

Rob Riggs is a twenty-five year veteran journalist, has authored the non-fiction book In The Big Thicket , and has contributed to another non-fiction book, Weird Texas (Sterling Press, 2005). He was a featured writer at the annual Texas Book Festival and has also done several television and radio appearances. He lives in Texas.

I'll post a review of the book after I get it.

Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth

Link to the book is right here.

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