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Friday, February 21, 2014

Orange Eyes

Orange Eyes

There's 9 week left until the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in Salt Fork State Park, so I'm going to do a blog about a different Ohio monster until then, and here's number 4: Orange Eyes.

Orange Eyes is an 11 foot tall, bigfoot-like creature said to live in central Ohio. It has been seen near Ruggles Road, where the Charles Mill Lake Monster was also seen.

Orange Eyes was first seen on March 28, 1959, at Charles Mill Reservoir. It "rose from the ground of fog" in front of three teenagers. The creature ran past two people while they were out fishing in 1991.

Some people though Orange Eyes lived in a tunnel, but that was destroyed in the '40s and '60s by highway construction. Some people though it lived in the woods behind the Cleveland Zoo, but others thought it lived near Blue Bridge at Ruggles Road. What do you think?

                                                       It's old Orange Eyes!

                  The Charles Mill Lake Monster, seen near the same area as Orange Eyes

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