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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Wildman of Enon


There's 13 weeks left until the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in Salt Fork State Park on April 26, so I'm going to do a blog about a different Ohio monster each week until then, starting off with the Wildman of Enon.

Few people even know about this "Wildman", seen near Enon, OH, in Clark County. The Wildman may be the same thing as Bigfoot, but it was just given a local name.

A bigfoot-like creature seen in Enon is
sometimes called the Wildman
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Most legends and sightings of this creature are passed down by word of mouth. Some wild man reports are also labeled as bigfoot reports.  The Wildman may be the same creature as Bigfoot, and the Grassman, another Bigfoot-like creature in Ohio. But, it may be different, since The Wildman and Grassman are said to have longer hair than Bigfoot.

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Paranormal Research of Ohio Foundation

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